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Seneca solutions for technical support, IT outsourcing, operations and maintenance, and customer care are making a valuable contribution to commercial and governmental organizations nationwide. No challenge is too big or too small. From full-service call center operations that support productivity, to CIO support systems that enable rapid response and state-of-the-art management, Seneca can tailor the right solution for your needs and budget.

The case studies offer insight to the successful impact of Seneca' solutions for its clients. To find out more about what Seneca can do for your organization, click here.

A mission-critical State government department, with over 3,000 employees spread across the state, developed a strategy requiring improved IT helpdesk service levels, higher customer satisfaction metrics and quicker resolution of application support requests. Another key to the strategy was that there could be no increase in costs. The State was interested in an outsourced solution so their IT staff could focus on strategic projects.

» Click here to download the Service Level Improvement Through Outsourcing Case Study.

An ingenious software development firm built a product for the vending machine industry. The software was a hit with the vending companies because it improved inventory management, product tracking, and commissions and had a major impact on the productivity of the industry. It was so successful that soon the firm's ten engineers and developers were swamped with customer support requests. Work on new releases and new products suffered, since the company's critical resources were diverted from strategic initiatives by urgent customer requests.

» Click here to download the Optimizing Scarce Resources and Improving ROI Through Outsourcing Case Study.