Seneca Corporation: Commercial Solutions

Helpdesk & Outsourcing Solutions / Overview

IT helpdesk and customer support for software play vital roles in keeping organizations productive and profitable. However, delivering this support internally can stall growth and dull your competitive advantage by pulling money and personnel away from your core business. That's why Seneca makes such a difference, providing outsourced solutions for customer support, IT helpdesks, and incident tracking.

For more than a decade, we have developed and managed custom solutions for a wide range of commercial and non-profit clients, including national IT firms, hardware and software vendors, ISPs and ASPs, and financial, medical, higher education and mortgage institutions. We have also won numerous IT support contracts with federal and state government agencies.

Seneca consistently achieves outstanding ratings in performance-based environments. That's because Seneca brings together everything organizations need from an IT solutions provider - and a trusted partner:

  • Strong core competencies in all aspects of IT Support: Outsourcing solutions supporting more than 100,000 users around the clock.
  • Experienced personnel.
  • Unique technology: Seneca's SupporTrax™ line of software and integrated multi-mode contact center technology.
  • Full service Technology Support Center operations - 7x24x365: Seneca operates around-the-clock technology support and customer care operations, including redundant facilities to assure maximum availability and coverage. Services are highly integrated with our telecommunications platforms to provide multi-channel support, including voice, IVR, fax, chat, email and Web-based "self service" and web submissions.
  • Secure facilities and resources: Seneca's security status and certain personnel have been certified through the Defense Security Agency
  • Measurable ROI and Performance Based Management: Best practices that include strategic analysis and reporting on key service level measures.