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A Satisfied Customer--Your Best Salesperson.
You've put in the time, not to mention money--and it shows. The product is great. Really great. A winner. Even selling as fast as lemonade on a scorching summer day. But what happens after it's sold?

When your proprietary technology solution requires more than occasional product/customer support, it's time to call Seneca. Our IT professionals are always in training and ready to immerse themselves in your product. Within weeks, they become experts on your technology--able to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively.

Amaze your buyers with an unparalleled level of customer service and support. You can be sure that they will spread the word. Think of us as one-stop shopping for all the technology support you need.

Range & Scope of Services

  • Experienced Customer Support Representatives Who Learn Your Technology
  • Identification and Documentation of Your Support Processes and Escalation Paths
  • Customized KnowledgeBase with Customer Access
  • Web Support Portal
  • Problem Input and Response Via Support Portal, E-mail, Chat, Instant Messaging and Phone
  • Initial Point of Contact and Management for All Supported Software/Hardware Requests
  • Tiers 1 and 2
  • Personalized 800 # Access - Calls Answered in Organization's Name
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Customized Client Support System with Web Interface and Reporting
  • Systematic Quality Assurance Process

All Of The Credit. None Of The Headaches.
Responding to user needs is critical to the success of your product. But recruiting and training tech support staff, not to mention designing and deploying a system to do so, can be expensive and time-consuming.

At Seneca, we already have the systems in place to provide outstanding service to your users, from initial call screening and classification, resolution of most common issues, through escalation and management of complex problems.

Not only that, but we blend invisibly into your organization, so calls are answered in your name. You get all the credit--at a fraction of the cost to do it yourself. Think of us as one-stop shopping for the user support your customers need.

Wait Time: 0
Do good things come to those who wait?

At Seneca, we don't think so. Our professionals answer customer calls immediately--and get a senior-level consultant on the phone equally as fast. Your customers won't waste time on hold, or working their way through unnecessary layers to get professional support. At Seneca, we believe every call is urgent, and every minute, critical.

Your Way. Every Time.
At Seneca, we focus on you. We take the time to carefully assess your product, your customers, even your organizational style.

Our process is comprehensive and time-tested. We bring your internal management and technology leadership teams together with our own. Together, we define and identify customer needs, then match them with a personalized service package.

The Seneca team of IT support professionals maintain their expertise through a continuing training and testing process. We deliver superior service--so that your customers can enjoy outstanding productivity. If you want to focus on your business--save time and money--and keep your customers happy and productive, then contact us now. Your customer support center is waiting.

Photo of man on phoneMake Your Life Easier With E-Care
Let's face it: more and more, it's a digital world. Make it work for you with our web-based support solution that makes your customer service solution even more effective. Users get the support they need via a support portal, chat, instant messaging, e-mail, and phone.

Use Seneca to support your product/customer support services, or expand the scope to encompass all your eCRM needs. Manage internal and external projects, deliverables, and information easily, through any web browser. Eliminate paper and enhance relationships not only with your customers but with employees as well. We can customize our solution to work with your customer service center, eMarketing campaign, intranet, extranet, and project collaboration portals.

For a better bottom line return on your technology products and customer support, contact Seneca today.