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Features & Benefits

Service Request Management
SupporTrax Service Request Management SupporTraxTM Service Request Management (SRM) is a Web-based client support system used by helpdesk and customer care professionals to create, manage, and resolve service requests. Support personnel can access customer contact data, view request history and status, verify support eligibility, and attach, download, edit, and view files in any format. SupporTrax SRM automatically routes service requests to the appropriate support personnel based on predefined or customized criteria, such as product expertise and workflow, that you specify.

Service Level Management
SupporTrax Service Request Management tracks each customer's Service Level Agreement (SLA) at the company, project, and product level. Support eligibility is determined as soon as the customer is identified. Seneca partners with your organization to assist you in the definition of service levels that are not only attainable, but surpass corporate goals.

Multi-Channel Communication
SupporTrax Multi-Mode Customer Care SupporTrax Service Request Management integrates with multi-channel communication so your customers are able to submit service requests via chat, fax, IVR, e-mail, or phone. The requests are routed to a support group based on skill sets you define and are then automatically directed to available support personnel. The SupporTrax SRM self-service Web portal enables your customers to submit and view their service requests.

Tailored Scripting
Customized "pop-up" scripting at the company, project, or product level ensures accurate customer service and standardized entry of service request information. Tailored scripts inherent in SupporTrax SRM improve service time on common support inquiries by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your support personnel.

Escalations and Notifications
Escalations occur automatically based on your criteria. Notifications occur as service requests progress through the resolution cycle. With SupporTrax SRM you can define and implement business rules ensuring that your support organization meets corporate goals for efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Knowledge Base Integration
The SupporTrax Service Request Management architecture is designed to integrate with your pre-packaged knowledge base application to categorize, store, and search resolutions. Resolutions are prioritized based on search criteria and can also be categorized by product name, product type, and request type. Seneca also provides its own fully integrated knowledgebase capability.

Survey Management
Create, distribute, and track pre-defined or customized surveys to gather customer data and report on satisfaction levels. Reports are created on real-time data located in the SupporTrax SRM centralized database.

Reporting And Monitoring
SupporTrax Reporting Robust reporting helps you manage and communicate your support effectiveness and performance. SupporTrax SRM includes predefined reports and the ability to easily define and generate highly customized reports. The generation of service request reports enables managers to analyze recurring service requests and proactively plan escalation and workflow procedures. The reports can be readily exported to Microsoft Word and Excel.

Task-Driven Interface
SupporTrax Service Request Management incorporates a task-driven user interface that maximizes productivity and helps support personnel manage service requests more effectively. Prompts guide your support representatives through the process of entering service requests. SupporTrax SRM identifies errors and prompts for corrections where possible.

Customizable, Scalable Solutions
The SupporTrax solutions are completely customizable to your business processes; therefore, your helpdesk and customer support operations integrate with the rest of your company. SupporTrax offers extensive scalability for initial and additional users, while providing a central service request database that can be shared across your entire organization.

Seamless Integration
SupporTrax Service Request Management system provides the link between your marketing, sales, and support functions as well as with your customer. SupporTrax SRM enhances your company's communication so everyone in the enterprise knows your customers and can provide extraordinary support services quickly and effectively.

Competitive Advantage
In today's competitive market, the companies that are rewarded are those who satisfy their customers efficiently and cost-effectively. If your helpdesk or customer support operations are not satisfying your customers, you are losing a competitive advantage. Get the tools your support personnel need to be more effective and provide your customers with the support they require anytime, anywhere, through any channel of communication.