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The Client Support Solution

Improving customer satisfaction and lowering operating costs are critical to your company's success. However, the task of supporting internal and external customers is becoming increasingly difficult due to rapid changes in technology, growing infrastructure costs, and project complexity. These factors are leading to an increase in service requests and more complex demands for customer support.

Photo of woman with headset looking at computer SupporTraxTM Service Request Management (SRM) helps your company deliver superior support to your customers by providing a centralized view of customer contact and request information. SupporTrax SRM utilizes Web-based technology that streamlines communication and collaboration across your entire organization to help you lower support costs and improve your customer satisfaction.

With Seneca's SupporTrax Service Request Management, you can:
  • Increase customer satisfaction through more efficient service resolution
  • Improve your support team's effectiveness by providing them accurate, real-time information
  • Accelerate service resolution by providing innovative Web-based tools
  • Reduce the volume of incoming service requests by providing a self-service Web portal for your customers, partners, and employees
  • Minimize training and operational expenditures with detailed online help