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Food Industry Solutions / Food Safety Solutions for Multi-Unit Restaurants

Risk Management/ Food Safety can be Profitable! Increase customer satisfaction. Improve efficiencies. Reduce risks of brand-damaging recalls. Automate error-prone manual processes. Reduce costs.

Are You Prepared for the Risks of Brand-Damaging Food Safety Incidents & Government/ Regs?
Multi-unit restaurants face increased consumer food safety concerns, governmental regulations and highly visible recalls. Food-related incidents and recalls have tripled since 2006, and many recalls are highly brand damaging.

Customers and distributors are tightening requirements for audits and supplier approvals. With the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, organizations must also plan for FDA's increased recall authority, stringent requirements for comprehensive food safety plans, record keeping and preventative controls.

Further strengthening of food safety and related compliance efforts makes good business sense. However, maintaining the infrastructure to effectively manage these challenges can be very expensive for restaurant chains.

Profitable Solutions from Seneca
Recognizing the realities of corporate budgets, Seneca has developed risk management/food safety systems that provide:

  • Profitable operational systems (e.g., complaint management) that provide significant ROI
  • Prevention and early detection of issues (when the costs to resolve are less)
  • Providing, at low cost, additional capacity for on-demand access to proven resources to resolve crisis situations (you pay only for what you use)

Seneca Risk Management

Seneca Web-Based Systems:

  • Easy-to-use web-based applications to profitably automate many quality/food safety related processes
  • Support staff 7x24x365 - a virtual expansion of your staff that can, if desired, operate the systems under your direction (and thus minimize training and IT expenses)
  • Modest start-up expenses (even including customization for your own requirements)
  • Ongoing monthly services often costing less than 1/2 of the cost of one QA staff person

Seneca Risk Management

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