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Federal & Security Solutions / Technology Support

When your mission depends on technology for success, Seneca, a certified small business, will help you make the most of it. Our professionals thrive on technology--but they recognize that for most people, systems are primarily a means to an end. We realize that every government agency is different. And so are their objectives and concerns. Organizations experience change for numerous reasons: changing technology, decreased budgets, leadership changes, changes in mission or just the need to be more efficient and effective.

Photo of men in meeting How an organization chooses to address these types of change can impact mission accomplishment and success. Reacting to changes late creates wasted resources and a need for crisis management. Proactively planning and implementing change can leverage the change process to maximize organizational performance and success. Seneca's proven process, methodology and knowledge enables our clients to operate effectively, motivate employees, lower cost, and achieve greater customer satisfaction.


Range & Scope of Services

IT Change Management

  • Apply process improvement and re-engineering methodologies and principles to conduct significant modernization projects
  • Conduct activity and data modeling
  • Develop modern business methods
  • Create and assess effective performance measures

Project/Database Management Technical Support

  • Lead project planning, scheduling, monitoring, and report activities
  • Manage database project development
  • Plan and budget staff and database resources

Project Management

  • Manage project planning, scheduling, monitoring, and report functions
  • Review agency management policies
  • Write policy papers and other guidelines to direct agency and IT activities
  • Work with agency staff to analyze and publish requirements for major projects
  • Build and document business cases, project work breakdown structure, and other project documentation
  • Provide Asset Management Support Services

Web/Communications Technical Support

  • Serve as the department's chief media relations representative, head staff writer/editor, graphic specialist, etc.
  • Write, prepare and send broadcast messages to user groups
  • Assist in the development of enterprise-level IT plans, policies, guidance standards, and communications support for the agency
  • Provide tools and information on IT products and services to sustain agency's technology-enabled and information-rich learning environments

Seneca provides consultative and personnel services that focus on CIO-level concerns and offers strategic, workforce, operational, ebusiness, and information technology support. We perform tasks related to systems analysis and design, maintenance, enhancement, and development of information systems. In addition, Seneca provides research and development assistance for the design, development, and implementation of applications and integrated database systems.

Seneca's CIO support services include:

  • Workforce Optimization
  • Organizational Mission, Goals and Objectives Development
  • Re-engineering Processes and Product
  • Enabling Technologies

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Seneca's digital government support services include:

  • Customer Care
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Internet/Intranet/Extranet Enablement
  • Knowledge Management
  • Personalization (IT-Enhanced Customer Interaction)
  • Web Development and Support
  • Workflow Management
  • Records/Document Management

GSA Schedule (GS-35F-0212J)