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SMITH T. WOOD, Chairman, Board of Directors
As Seneca's founder and chief executive officer, Smith Wood is responsible for managing the company's strategic business development activities. He also directs the company's development of automated business process management solutions. Prior to founding Seneca, Mr. Wood was a research director/principal at Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., and served as CEO of Barrister Microsystems, Inc., a developer of financial and business process management systems for over 400 service organizations. Mr. Wood received bachelor's and master's degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master's in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. In addition to having served on the boards of several publicly-traded companies, including a large venture capital firm, Mr. Wood has been an adjunct professor in Georgetown University's MBA program for over 20 years.

DAVE SLIFER, Chief Executive Officer
Dave Slifer has 20 years of experience in the IT and support services industries and is responsible for all aspects of Seneca's technical infrastructure operations and service delivery. Prior to joining Seneca, Mr. Slifer held executive, consultant and technical positions for Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. and Utopia Technology Partners. He also served in the U.S. Navy as a public health technician, specializing in food safety, audits and preventive medicine. Mr. Slifer has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland and is a frequent speaker at industry events including PC Expo, the Support Services Expo and the Executive Summit for IT Support and Service.

JOHN S. CRAMP, Member, Board of Directors
As a member of Seneca's Board of Directors, John Cramp provides advice on the company's strategic business development efforts for both the government and corporate markets. He is CEO of Potomac Way LLC, a management consulting firm. Prior to founding Potomac Way, Mr. Cramp held senior executive positions with Solveras, Telkonet, Seneca, CardSystems Solutions, Inc., Information Management Consultants Inc. and Simpact Inc. Mr. Cramp also spent 13 years in the computer industry in management roles with Encore Computer, Wang Laboratories and Data General. Mr. Cramp has a bachelor's degree from Franklin and Marshall College.

WILLIAM A. ADAMS, Member, Board of Directors
With over 25 years of experience as a CFO in a wide range of organizations, Bill Adams provides strategic financial and operations advice to the company. As CEO of Adams and Associates, he provides financial, accounting and compliance services to a variety of technology, financial investment, venture capital and association clients. His previous experience includes Assistant Controller of Booz Allen Hamilton's government contracting division, and staff auditor for Arthur Anderson. Mr. Adam is a Certified Management Account, and has been previously certified as a CPA. He earned his Bachelor of Science in business administration from Florida Southern College and his Masters of Accounting Science from the University of Illinois.