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Seneca provides the following VLS services, all of which can be customized into an integrated VLS program for an individual client:

Virtual Learning Support (VLS)

Distance Learning (DL) is a rapidly expanding market comprised of many private and non-profit educational organizations. A growing subsection of distance learning is Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) (often referred to as “synchronous” training). More than most other components of DL, VILT requires effective set-up, configuration and real-time support (as the class is being conducted). High-quality support is particularly important when more complex technology is employed, when the cost of the training is high and when the satisfaction of the participants is critical to the Client such as for higher cost executive education.

Seneca is one of the most experienced providers of Virtual Learning Support (VLS). We have 15+ years established expertise supporting distance learning and virtual instructor led training. Our full range of services includes Virtual Classroom Assistance, strategic consulting services, instructor training, and help desk support. We successfully support hundreds of virtual classroom and conference sessions a year and have extensive experience with university-based distance learning.

Seneca offers “VLS Partner Programs” that can be customized to the requirements of client organizations. With significantly strengthened DL/VILT courses, Seneca VLS Partners can increase profitability and effectiveness through increasing the number of course registrations, improving customer satisfaction, enabling increases in course pricing, and lowering support costs.

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