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Seneca provides the following VLS services, all of which can be customized into an integrated VLS program for an individual client:

Virtual Learning Support (VLS) / Strategic Consulting & Instructor Training

Seneca provides strategic consulting services to help clients understand their virtual learning support needs, quantify the value of incorporating high-quality virtual learning support for current initiatives, identify specific high-value virtual learning support options required by the organization, and develop implementation strategies (e.g., for instructors endeavoring to adopt VILT).

Seneca also provides instructor training, including use of the e-learning platform technology, and training in effective classroom techniques to maximize learning and resulting customer satisfaction. This training includes techniques to increase participant interaction, effective use of “break-out” rooms, classroom discussion strategies, components of effective presentations, and use of videos and on-line supplements. Our training leverages Seneca’s extensive experience in virtual learning technology and decades of experience in development and implementation of highly rated university courses.

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