Customized solutions for customer care, technical support, helpdesk, risk management and business process management.
Seneca provides the following VLS services, all of which can be customized into an integrated VLS program for an individual client:

Virtual Learning Support (VLS) / Help Desk Capabilities

Seneca provides a broad range of “Help Desk” related services that can be customized to the requirements of each client. Help desk services are available:

Seneca VLS help desk capabilities can include multiple communication channels including telephone, interactive voice response, e-mail, web-based, text messaging, and mobile applications.   Problem resolution options can include live staffing (24x7x365) as well as automated business processes. Seneca typically provides monthly summaries of all incidents, accompanied by recommendations on how to improve overall customer satisfaction and profitability. Seneca VLS Help Desk services can be integrated with client and can be customized for the client’s own logo and identity.

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